They are dead until dark
In a small southern town called Bon Temps, Louisiana, supernaturals coexist peacefully alongside humans— and have done so without incident for over a hundred and fifty years thanks to a secrecy pact made between the founders of the town and a faerie prince. But after vampires came out of the coffin and into the world of the living— with other creatures on the verge of doing the same— what happens when someone starts killing off the humans of the little southern community, leaving the supernatural creatures to blame?
Anonymous asked:
Some people who are on taken, haven't posted in six days or more, will they get reopened or are they on a hiatus?

Who are you interested in? I’ll see about contacting people. :) 

Anonymous asked:
Uhm.. Am I missing or skipping over the secret word in the rules? Because in the application it says that the answer is NOT yes, but I can't find anything in the rules that we need to put in the audition...

You know, I forgot to put it in there *dies laughing* It’s there now! Towards the end :D xD 

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If I send in an audition now, how long will it take it get accepted?

Usually we get to things within a day :)

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Did your emma quit?

I don’t know =/ I’m going to do an activity check soon. So we’ll find out then. But I think she did. She hasn’t done anything really in a long time. I’ve allowed people to slack off because we are such a small group of players. But tomorrow I’m doing activity checks and I’m sure quite a few people will be removed/roles re-opened.

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I wish this rpg was more active :P

I know =/ hopefully after the plot update and the overhaul it will be. <3

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Anonymous asked:
Three things: One-- The fact that you have Kate Moennig as a playby makes me LOVE this RPG so much. Two-- Janina Gavankar/Luna is perfection! Three-- Would you ever consider a Mia Kirshner, because I think she'd make a great character.

All of those are a possibility love, we are open to all of them :)

Anonymous asked:
Will there be any chance that you'd have Willa as a future character?

She will definitely be a future character. We are mainly waiting to see how this season plays out before upgrading the plot. Also, we are giving the blog an overhaul as well. So it’s going to take a bit.

Okay guys, we aren’t going to be updating the game plot to the current season till possibly AFTER six ends. Several of our members are not current with the new season and we don’t want to put anyone out that is not caught up yet. It just leaves people feeling out of the loop and not included. 

So, here is my plan. I may update it SLIGHTLY to include Gov. Burrell as a sort of NPC antagonist that is now dead, having left behind a legacy of tension but not having vamp camp or anything like that (at least not yet. That may come AFTER six ends as an event of sorts IF we have enough members to do it). Willa will still be included, same with Warlow and Lilith still. But I don’t really feel up to giving the game’s visual aspect a complete overhaul and I think with a darker plot we would have to go from looking like Fangtasia to being more.. dark.. literally.. and I don’t have ANY muse idea as to what kind of graphics to make.

We ARE going to be doing something cool, but it won’t be till after this upcoming episode and while I get all the kinks out of my ideas. I’m just wanting to give you all a heads up to keep you updated and in the loop. I know I have not posted any news in a few days while I contemplated this. I also hate having to have players restart threads and sort of move their plots and characters around. It’s flustering. So, give me some time to get it all thought out and you’ll see changes starting next week. Just keep on playing as you were loves. 

~Your Mods, Camille, Ivy and Gee

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